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Education & Research

Cyber security education in India is a untapped market with huge potential, Currently there are very few University linked education programmes in the country that are offering quality Cyber security education. At present many foreign universities offer Associative and Doctorate courses, which can be availed only if the basic foundation and degree courses are taught.

Our online courses are academically challenging taught online and Very flexible; the asynchronous format allows anybody to learn at their convenience without stepping in to a campus and in the end, the certificate earned by a student will empower to enter into any form of ITC Industries.

The Programme will be called “Basic course on - Cyber Security”

Kshitija will provide necessary Course Material for every student and we will also make available the virtual class room facility where by the faculty member will deliver the lecture in studio and the same will be video streamed on the internet and would be receivable on any computer with a broadband connection or any mobile phone with 3G.

Students may either take the class in a group or individually take the class through a Cyber Café or from their residence or office.

Market Potential:
The market potential over India, in the first year is not less than around 10000 students per annum. This can increase to around 30000 students per annum in three years provided we develop an adequate support infrastructure.

Cyber security, a relatively nascent industry in India, has not kept pace with the growth of information technology in a country of 1.2 billion. According to Nasscom, the local IT industry touched $100 billion in revenues last year. Cyber security in India is in a pitiable state," says the Home Ministry Official. In these number indicates a clear business opportunity in cyber security. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, India's digital information security market is expected to grow 18% a year as the country moves beyond mere installation of firewalls and anti-virus software. Interestingly, a huge number of companies have a newer set of CXOs - chief security officers (CSOs) - on their payroll.

The country is also facing a huge shortage of cyber-security professionals: it requires 5 lakh such people, but has only 556 in comparison with 125,000 in China, 91,080 in the US and 7,300 in Russia, according to official data.

The utilization of this market potential depends on reach and publicity. There is every possibility of Digital Signature training/awareness/course becoming mandatory for Government officials. Similarly corporate sector would go for large scale awareness creation amongst BPO employees.