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Fire RID

Safety is Our Business

Ensure Safety * Save Life * Save Property

Fires of Class A, B, C, E & K

Automated Fire Extinguisher Solution With Latest Design & Technology

  • Easy to install
  • Useful in all classes of fire,
    • Class A (Solid like Wood, Paper, Textile, Rubber,
    • Class B (Flammable liquid fire like Petrol, Diesel or Oil),
    • Class C (Gas fire),
    • Class E (Electrical fire),
    • Class K (Cooking oil fire)
  • Easy to operate by anyone
  • Automatic - no manual intervention required to suppress fire
  • Shelf life of product is 10 years
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero refilling cost
  • Free from annual testing
  • 10 years replacement warranty of product against manufacturing defect
  • Ease in cleaning after its use
  • Environment friendly. Non-toxic and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Protected area 16M3 (8.2672 (L) x 8.2672 (w) x 8.2672 (h) feet)
  • Special glass i.e. glass when burst will not harm / hurt
  • Prevents reigniting of fire where present once it has spread
  • Vehicle
  • ATM
  • Educational Institute
  • Petrol Bunk
  • Retail Store
  • Library
  • Hospital
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Godown
  • Electrical Room