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Kshithija Infotech Private Limited (KIPL) is an ISO 9001:2008 company powered by a team of dedicated professionals who has two decades of technical and practical expertise in IT & OA solutions.

KIPL provides back end support & back to back business modules on Turnkey projects in the areas of content development, Digitization, Multimedia, Data management services thru SV Infosys who has been retained by Digital library of India for development of Universal digital library Project. and also serving the technical needs of its parental company M/s Tantragnana Pvt. Ltd. Who is a global service provider for Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Cyber Law, Techno Legal Compliance (TLC) & Information Security Services (ISS), e-governance Solutions, Educational Services, Law Firms, IP firms, Corporate Departments, Co-operative departments, Financial Institutions, Banks, Universities, Legal Research Firms etc., thus enabling KIPL to become a Market leader in Information & Communication Technology.

KIPL Customers are:

  • Government

  • Universities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Academic Libraries

  • Department of Public Libraries

  • e-governance

  • Academic Institutions

  • Co-operative Departments

  • MNC / Corporates

  • Hospitals

  • Law Firms

  • Research Institutes

  • Ministry of Defense...etc.,



      - Bangalore

- Gulbarga

      - Mysore

- Udupi

      - Kolar

- Belgaum

      - Tumkur

- Hosur

      - Gonikoppal

- Chennai

      - Bijapur

- Hyderabad




















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